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I'm just a middle aged married man who likes, his wife to pound his ass with a Strapon, watching guys shooting their loads everywhere, and yes my wife knows, She likes it too. I also love making her cum.


My Wife’s Big Black Cock….Part 13….Final Chapter….. David released the giant black ball from his tight sucking lips. With a loud wet smack it popped free. As he eased himself up, he moved his cum hungry mouth to the massive black cocks wide base. Nibbling, sucking, Lapping up thick gooey globs of sweet salty jizz, swallowing it down. He started making his way up the massive black shaft, towards his wife’s cum filled pussy. Licking and lapping the huge black dick clean as he went. The enormous black cock was still fucking rock hard. David loved the way it felt as it flexed and throbbed, pulsing against his sucking mouth and face. He slowly made his way up it’s long fat cum covered length. Finally reaching his wife’s cum filled pussy, Susan raised her cunt to her husbands face, Come on, that’s it, suck my fucking cunt clean. Her pussy was fucking covered in a thick layer of creamy white cum. David ran his tongue up through the thick slimy folds of his wife’s swollen pussy, scooping up the hot thick salty jizz. It filled his mouth, he loved the way it slid down his throat. Finding her fat swollen clit with his probing tongue, slowly circling it a few times before closing his sucking lips around it. He took the fat swollen nub lightly in his teeth, Flicking and fluttering is slimy wet tongue over the sensitive pulsing fat clit, Susan started to tremble, As David wrapped his hands around the fat black shaft, trying to pull the giant black cock from his wife’s cum filled cunt, but it didn’t budge. David leaned back just a bit, and gripped the fat black shaft more firmly, and pulled. Susan’s cunt gurgled and made loud wet sucking sounds as the massive bloated purple knob started sliding from her tight pussy. It was like her cunt was trying to suck it right back into her. The huge black shaft bent in a long arc, as David pulled harder. When suddenly the huge bloated purple knob sprang free and violently snapped from his wife’s cunt. The giant black cock swung up slinging hot thick jizz into the air. The thick meaty black cock, slapped David hard, right in the fucking face, and cum splattered everywhere. A river of creamy jizz poured from Susan’s gaping cunt. David didn’t miss a beat, he swung the giant black cock out of his way and clamped his mouth over Susan’s gaped pussy. Gulping down mouth full after mouthful of hot thick cum. David was in a frenzy, there was so fucking much. Cum poured from the corners of his mouth, running down his chin, he wanted all of it, and wasn’t going to stop until he did. David took his time, sucking and licking his wife and her black lover clean. He teased them both, making love to them with his mouth. By the time David was done, Susan had cum twice more, and Mr. Smith’s huge black balls were once again full with another hot salty load. Once that David was satisfied that he got every last creamy drop, he looked up to his wife for approval. Susan bent down and kissed David deeply, She could taste her black lovers cum on her husbands lips and tongue. Susan eased her mouth up to her husbands ear and lightly whispered, are you ready to come darling. I know you are. How would you like to have that big black fucker in your ass. To feel it pump you full of cum. Would you like that. I think you would. She took his hands and pulled David up onto the bed. He would do anything she asked of him, absolutely anything.


That is just beautiful.

Would love to clean that up for her.

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Have you ever ate your own hot thick cum right from your woman’s pussy?


Helluva cum, son.

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I want to be covered in cum, to drink it from my wife’s pussy, to taste it on her lips, to have it shoot right down my throat from a big fucking fat cock. To feel it flood my ass. To be covered in it. To drowned in it.



This man wants to cum and rubs his dick so that it will happen. (Point of no-return : 0:48 ; ejaculation : 0:51)

Love watching guys jerk off and shoot.  This should be a national sport. I would watch ESPN:JIZZ all day long.

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